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  • Nicola Walters

Wyndham District High School's journey

Our education consultant, Bec Laird, visited Wyndham District High School recently to start our professional learning ICT program with their primary school teachers. We are very excited to be starting this journey with Wyndham teachers and students.

Pivital's professional learning ICT program with schools pivots around the following three principles:

1. Helping schools use their existing technology to its maximum benefit

2. Working one on one with teachers in the classroom with the students demonstrating interaction of technology within the curriculum

3. Engaging leadership, teachers and students through ICT strategic planning

The teachers were very enthusiastic and terrific during the program. Principal Dani Woodhouse said "many of the teachers indicated the sessions with you and the introduction of See Saw is one of their highlights this term."

Bec will work with the staff remotely to continue their journey with educational programs around technology.

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