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Frequently Asked Questions

Backup Apple Device

Before dropping in any Apple devices to our workshop to be repaired we highly recommend backing up your apple device. This makes sure that a copy of all your data is backed up not only for us to repair it but for the future in any case that your device is lost, replaced or damaged. It is good to backup your device regularly, as getting data of damaged devices can sometimes be almost impossible to restore. Please see here for a guide to backing up your Apple device. 

Remove Find My iPhone

Before you bring your device in to be repaired Find My iPhone also known as an activation lock is required to be removed from your device. We can not start a repair until this has been turned off. If the device still functions it can be turned off from your device, however if it is physically damaged you will have to log into your iCloud account to turn it off. Please see here for a guide on removing your device from Find My iPhone.

Does your repair void my Apple Warranty?

No, we are an Apple Authorised Service provider, due to this we use genuine parts in all our Apple Warranty Repairs. Your warranty will be valid with us. 

Do you do iPhone screen replacements?

For iPhones we can provide an in store screen replacement, while you wait. Please contact us to confirms stock availability and screen replacement eligibility. For iPhone repair prices click here. Walk ins are welcome or click here to book an Apple appointment. 

Do you repair Android devices?

No, we do not repair any Samsung, Android device. The only devices we repair are Apple devices, this is because we are an Apple Authorised Service provider. 

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