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Apple Professional Learning Services

Pivital's single vision is to bring people and technology together with creative solutions. For over 10 years, Pivital have worked with teachers and students finding innovating solutions for their schools . We partner with schools and universities to develop personalised professional learning plans that support learning, teaching, deployment, and leadership with Apple technology. 

Our Specialists and Providers inspire, coach, and lead educators toward learning innovation and improved student outcomes.  

As fellow educators, Apple Professional Learning (APL) Specialists and Providers apply research-based practice and work side-by-side with leaders, teachers, and IT to build confidence and advance their learning and teaching goals. 

Apple: About Us

Apple Learning Specialist
Rose Mitchell 

As a teacher for over 20 years, Rose’s goal is to inspire, coach and lead educators toward learning innovation and improved student outcomes by helping organisations fully realise the potential and capabilities of not only the iPad but also their students. Conversations and relationships are crucial in establishing the needs and goals of each school at a leadership, teacher, student and community level. Collaboration, creativity and problem solving skills are explored through leveraging the use of iPads in meaningful ways.  

Apple: Our Technology



We explore features of the iPad that transform it into a book, a movie camera, a notebook, a way to collaborate and more to help you through the school day. You will learn about communication, productivity and creativity tools inbuilt in the iPad as well as accessibility features to enhance the learning opportunities of students. This is done in a practical, hands on experience.  



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