For over a decade, Pivital has provided schools with Apple products and services. Our support isn’t limited to the provision of Apple hardware but with the implementation, configuration and maintenance of their devices. We not only work with teachers and educators to assist them to integrate Apple products both into their curriculum, but also to use the devices for innovation in their classrooms.  This means that schools can focus on their core business of education, knowing their community is supported.



The Pivital Apple education team is passionate advocates for Apple products as we know that they are robust, sustainable and just work. We know educators and the families they work with love the Apple suite of products and we see our role as to enhance every opportunity that Apple can provide.



Our Education Consultants are Rose and Bec. They work with schools and teachers to assist them on their journey to effectively use Apple devices within their classroom. Rose works one on one with teachers in their classroom. Initially, Rose was not comfortable with technology as a teacher and so she uses the experience of being part of the Pivital Apple team to help other teachers embrace the unknown. Bec works with remote schools, using remote learning tools to assist teachers. Bec was an early adopter of technology in the classroom and is always looking for new ways to innovate. 




Pivital has worked with schools for over 10 years providing sustainable Apple products and services. We work hard to provide quality solutions and know that our Apple partnership ensures this. Our focus is for schools to maximise their return on their hardware investment, and so we work with schools to ensure the hardware is configured, teachers are trained, budget constraints are met and networks are capable.

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