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Showcasing has proven to be an effective way of sharing what the teachers have experienced in their digital coaching sessions at the end of the term. Even more effective is when students are part of the showcasing process. Not only do they get to demonstrate their learning, but they are empowered as the experts and feel valued as part of a team.

Here, the students demonstrated how to create a book snap about a text using either Seesaw or Book Creator. Students highlight focus sounds, insert text to define words, give a synopsis or find metaphors as a way of capturing the essence of one age of a book they are studying. This could be done with picture story books or a paragraph from a novel. It is a great way to share their learning with other students too.

Students also demonstrated to teachers how Clips can be used in literacy lessons to respond to texts. In this task, students had to identify the protagonist and the antagonists of a story. Clips is a great tool to allow students to complete tasks creatively.

Teachers left the showcasing workshops feeling empowered with practical experience of the apps and ideas to try the next day in their literacy dedicated time.

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