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  • Nicola Walters

School's learning choices shines through

Updated: May 20, 2020

St Mary's journey through COVID-19 has impressed. The staff's flexibility, collegiality, collaboration, dedication and long hours spent working on providing the best educational solutions in these unprecedented times has been outstanding.

As a bonus the school was very fortunate to have had many years of coaching in the use of iPads for both the staff and in the learning opportunities of the students. Pivital have been with St Mary‘s every step of the way in engaging both staff, students and leadership in developing their creative, critical thinking and problem solving skills in their everyday and specific use of the iPad in a range of contexts.

Pre primary students learning how to take photos to upload to Seesaw prior to COVID-19 and remote learning

This has culminated in the way the school responded so quickly and efficiently with their roll out of remote online learning. They acted quickly to provide family workshops to ensure that parents felt comfortable with learning from home. The workshops also providing them useful tips around accessibility and screentime allowances.

Professional development through Teams has become the new normal. Teacher workshops were continually held online to support and develop the teaching staff's growth mindset. To say that we are lucky to work with such an amazing school is an understatement.

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