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  • Nicola Walters

School collaboration

Visiting schools and sharing knowledge is a great learning experience. This week Bec and myself visited three Perth secondary schools with amazing digital technology integration programs. Envious, yes, inspired...oh yeah!

Bec with Doug from Kolbe College

All had implemented their 1 to 1 device program differently however there were some common areas: all had placed their ICT departments in the library so they were accessible to students and staff. All relied on students to bring devices to school charged and did not provide extensive charging solutions to students. Finally, all provided personalised learning programs to their teaching staff to assist them with technology up skilling.

Bec with Ryan from Holy Cross, Ellenbrook

These digital programs were successful in all the schools due to the passion and dedication by the staff we met. We are so looking forward to taking new ideas on implementing Digital technologies into schools and sharing them with Kimberley schools.

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