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  • Nicola Walters

Robotics in Pre Primary

Sometimes schools do not have all the resources and are creative with what they have. There were no other robotics in the school so we decided to give the Spheros a go with the pre primary students.

The first session was spent learning how to connect, change the colour, aim and drive the Sphero Bolts. There was much excitement around the Spheros and conversations around what coding is. This first lesson was very much revolved around play but with very specific skills that were being developed by the students.

The second lesson utilised the drawing feature of the Sphero Bolts.

Students demonstrated what they had learned in the previous lesson by connecting, changing the colour and aiming the Spheros. After recapping the features of different shapes, students then set about using the drawing function of the Sphero Bolts to make their Bolts draw different shapes on the ground. They learned about the need to adjust the speed to get better shapes. Students collaborated to problem solve and teach each other. The buzz in the room was fabulous to witness.

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