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Broome Office Update

Lots has happened over the past two weeks. The previous post regarding the Broome office renovations showed the beginning of constructions, well now it is completed! Everything has been finalised and put in place, the new signs and the new entry. Come around to see the new entrance and shopfront. We are still providing the same services we always have and the workshop is open for walk-ins.

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1 Kommentar

27. Sept. 2021

Pity that service is so bad.

Took Mac mini as not starting up at home.

Req fix / or try to recover data from Time Machine (external hard drive)

$135 up front

Told Mac dead, Time machine dead. HDD dead. Told everything for bin. Cannot recover any data.

Took to friend. Recovered data in 15 mins. Didn’t try to fix machines.

Store manager refused to discuss concerns.

Wanted over $250 more to transfer data to one drive.

No comment re state of Mac and Time machine.

No refund.

Told me I was lucky I wasn’t charged more at start.

Do not use this business

Gefällt mir
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